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Reverse the Print Order of your Document

Did you know you could reverse the print oder of documents when you print on the Mac? This is all done through the Mac’s details print options under Paper Handling. It is set to be automatic, but you can set it to also reverse the print order. See how to revers the print order of a document when you print in this video for the Mac.

Video TranscriptAnd this video, I’m going to show you how you can reverse the print order of any document that you are printing on the Mac. Let’s go to my Mac.

I have this document, this PDF of macOS Monterrey. I want to print it. Let’s go ahead and double click on it to open it up to print it. All we have to do, as you most likely know, is just go up under File, and then we go over to Print. We have a new window that opens up, and from here, I just select what printer I’m going to print to and then I click on print.

But let’s say I want to reverse the print order. This document here is 24 pages long. I need to reverse that print order. How do we do that? Well, all we need to do is just go to Show Details. And when we show the details, we have a lot more options. Now, if you do not see show details and you see Hide Details, that means you’re already looking at all of the details. Basically. You want to see all of our different details for our printer.

From here, what we do is we go to this drop down where we have Preview, I click on it and we have a number of different options. These options will change depending on which printer you have. From here, what we want to do is go to Paper Handling. When I select this, you’re going to see an option to reverse the page order. Right now it’s set for Automatic. I want to reverse it. All I do is just select Automatic, I click on Reverse. And now when I print this, it’s going to reverse that print order.

So if you have a long document and you want to reverse the print order, maybe it’s printing out backwards or in reverse of what you need. All you have to do is just go to Show Details when you print and then under Preview, select Paper Handling, there’s going to be an option for Page Order, just select Reverse and click on Print.

So that’s how you can reverse the print order of any document that you printing on the Mac.

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