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  1. macOS Classes
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  2. Favorite Features in macOS Sonoma
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  3. New & Updated in macOS Ventura
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  4. Getting Started with the Mac
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  5. Menu Bar Lessons for the Mac
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  6. Dock Lessons for the Mac
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  7. Finder Lessons for the Mac
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  8. Manage Applications on the Mac
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  9. Manage Files and Folders on the Mac
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  11. Preferences or Settings for the Mac
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  12. Troubleshooting Lessons for the Mac
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  16. New in macOS Monterey
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What’s New in macOS Monterey Class

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Are you looking for some productivity for the Mac? In this class I’ll share my 10 favorite tips. These tips are something I setup on every Mac I use on a regular basis. Some of these tips will make it easier to find apps, to show your desktop by hiding all your open windows, to adding the trash to a Finder window toolbar. Even if you use a couple of these, I believe you will be more productive on your Mac.

What I covered include these tips along with why I use them:

  • Show Path Bar
  • Set what a new Finder window opens to
  • Show Status Bar in Finder Windows
  • Set the Scrollbar to always show
  • Turn on Desktop Stacks to help keep the Desktop organized
  • Use Hot Corners to show the Desktop
  • Add Trash to Finder Window Toolbar
  • Add Applications Folder to the Dock
  • Place favorite folders in the Dock
  • Use iCloud Drive to access files from all your devices
  • BONUS: Use Keyboard Shortcuts
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