One-to-One Training​

Apple Training through Zoom​

One-To-One's Are Temporarily On Hold

I am having an issue with the scheduling plugin I use. It is causing a fatal issue on the site. One-to-Ones are on hold until I get this resolved. I am hoping to have it up and running in June. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Mac, iPad, and iPhone Training

How it works and what it includes: With my One-to-One training, I’ll try and help you as best as I can. This can include help with a specific subject or basic training on most of Apple software. I do this through screen sharing and Zoom. With Zoom Screen Sharing, I am able to show you my screen, as well as have you show your screen. This includes the Mac, iPad and iPhone. 

Cost and Guarantee

Cost: There is a cost for this service. Members receive a discount.


  • $59 for 30 Minutes: I charge $59 (USD) for 30 minutes of training.
  • $99 for 1 Hour: I charge $99 (USD) for one hour of training.


  • $79 for 30 Minutes: I charge an introductory rate at $79 (USD) for 30 minutes of training for members.
  • $129 for 1 Hour: I charge an introductory rate at $129 (USD) for one hour of training for members.

Payment: Payment is due when you book the appointment.

Guarantee: I offer a non-conditional guarantee. If you are not satisfied, I’ll refund the fee. Simple as that.

The Details

All appointments are handled through Zoom.

Booking Appointments: Once you book an appointment, I will send you a Zoom link to join the meeting. You do not need to have an account with Zoom to join.

Confirmations: All confirmations and reminders are sent via email. If you do not receive an email from me, please check your spam folder. 

Time of Appointment: At the appointment time, you join the meeting with the link sent to you.

Sharing Screens: Zoom allows us to share screens. I will be able to share my screen with you, and you can also share your screen with me.

Controlling your screen: I am also able to take control of your screen if you are on a Mac, although this is generally not necessary. This is done through the Messages app on the Mac.

Schedule your One-to-One

Scheduling: You can schedule out to 3 weeks. Not all dates are available due to scheduled one-to-ones and dates I’ve blacked out. 

Length of Time Needed: I have two types of appointments, 30 minutes and 1 hour. Please select the length of time you think you may need. If we need more time than is allocated and it is reasonable, I will not charge more. We can also schedule another session.

  • 30 Minute Sessions: This is great for troubleshooting an issue or learning how to do a specific task, such as sharing photos.
  • 60 Minute Sessions: These are great for learning the basics of a Mac, iPad, or iPhone. This can also include software basics such as Keynote, iMovie, Pages, and Numbers.

ARE YOU A CURRENT MEMBER?  If so, you are currently not logged in. Log in to book at a discounted price. 

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Confirmations: All confirmations and reminders are sent via email. If you do not receive an email from me, please check your spam folder. 

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