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The ultimate guide to the Mac’s Finder: 24+ tips included!

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Mac Finder tips to help you organize your digital life

Master the Mac’s Finder with the 24+ tips! In this video take you through all the essential features of the Finder, starting with an introduction to what it is, and then diving into the layout of a Finder window.

Next, I explain how to work with multiple Finder windows, which can be incredibly useful when you need to manage several files and folders at once. I also demonstrate how to favorite a folder in the sidebar, making it easier to access it in the future.

One of the most important aspects of the Finder is the ability to change the view of a Finder window, and I cover this in detail. I show you how to use Quick Look to view files without actually opening them. I also explain how to search a folder with the Finder, which can save you time when you need to find a specific file.

In addition, I show you how to show the path of a file or folder, which is useful when you need to know where a particular file is located. I also explain how to show the status bar in a Finder window and what the Desktop folder is.

Moving on, I demonstrate how to copy files and folders from one folder to another and how to clean up your desktop by organizing your files and folders. Organizing with desktop stacks is also covered, which can save you time and ensure that your desktop is tidy.

I go on to explain how to change the preferences or settings of the Finder, including how to set what a new Finder window opens to, customize the sidebar through settings, and show filename extensions. I also cover trash options and warnings, as well as how to keep folders on top with the list view.

In the video, I also show you how to set what the default search is within a Finder window and how to sort files and folders within a Finder window. Changing what is shown for files in a Finder window, customize the toolbar in a Finder window and view Finder windows in tabs view are also covered.

Overall, this video is a comprehensive guide on how to master the Mac’s Finder. Whether you’re new to using a Mac or need to brush up on your Finder skills, this guide will help you navigate the Finder with ease and efficiency.


00:00 – Introduction
00:39 – What is the Finder?
01:10 – Working with Multiple Finder Windows
01:38 – Finder and the Menu Bar
02:16 – The Layout of a Finder Window
02:46 – How to Favorite a Folder in the Finder Window Sidebar
03:40 – Change the View of a Finder Window
04:59 – How to view a File with Quick Look
06:33 – How to Search a Folder with the Finder
07:32 – How to Show the Path of a File or Folder
08:23 – How to show the Status Bar in a Finder Window
09:06 – What is the Desktop Folder?
10:19 – How to Copy Files and Folders from one Folder to Another
10:54 – How to Cleanup Files and Folders on the Desktop
13:17 – How to Organize with Desktop Stacks
14:37 – How to Change the Preferences or Settings of the Finder
15:24 – How to Set What a New Finder Window Opens To
16:18 – How to Customize the Sidebar through Settings
16:37 – How to Show Filename Extensions
16:58 – Trash Options and Warnings
17:19 – How to Keep Folders on Top with the List View
18:26 – Set what the Default Search is within a Finder Window
19:22 – How to Sort Files and Folders within a Finder Window
20:05 – Change what is Shown for Files in a Finder Window
20:55 – How to Customize the Toolbar in a Finder Window
22:23 – View Finder Windows in Tabs View
24:18 – Wrap Up

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