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General Questions

Unfortunately I do not. Why? It is against Apple’s guidelines for the App Store (s)to have an app that has tips and tutorials for Apple Hardware and Software. This means any app I submit would be, and has been, rejected.

This unpublished guideline has not always been the case. When the App Store first became available, I was able to offer my tutorials, and I did. I had over 30 tutorials available as apps. But a few years ago this started to change. My apps (tutorials) were starting to get rejected. I did have a phone call with Apple in January of 2020 discussing this, and they confirmed this was still the case. My new site is setup to be ‘app compatible’, so if this guideline is ever changed, I start working on an app for my tutorials.

In the meantime, you can save my site to your home screen on your iPad and iPhone, and I also do have a small app for my site that you can download for the Mac.

I have a few of my videos on YouTube, and I’ll keep adding more, but I do not have all my videos on YouTube. Why? It’s a matter of income. Creating these videos is how I make a living. It is estimated that YouTube pays about $1 for every 1,000 views. I know I have a lot of fans out there, but are their enough for me to make a living from YouTube? I don’t know, but I do know I can do it with a membership. 🙂

Account Questions

Make sure you are using the email address you signed up with for your username. The password is case sensitive, so make sure you are typing it in right. If that isn’t working, usually a password reset will work. Just use this link to reset your password. You will then get an email with further instructions on resetting your password.

The most likely case for this happening is that you are browsing my site in a private window or incognito. When you click on a link, in some cases, it will open in a new window. being that you are in private window or incognito, the site thinks you are not logged in, and you’ll need to log in again in the new window that opened.

The easy way to get around this is to open my site in a standard window, not in a private or incognito window. Once you do that, everything will behave as it should.

Use this link to reset your password. You will then get an email with further instructions on resetting your password.

Check your junk mail folder in your email client. In some cases your email provider will mark my emails as junk. To prevent this from happening again, add my email as a contact. If you are still not receiving an email from me, chat with me below or send a message using the form at the bottom of this page. I can’t lookup your password, but I can reset it for you. Just let me know what you would like it to be. Once it is reset, you can change it again.

Just go to your Account page and under the Home tab will be where you can change your first and last name, as well as your email address associated with your membership.

The only way to change your username is to contact me for now. Just chat with me below or send a message using the form at the bottom of this page asking me to change your username . I’ll need your current username and what you want it to be changed to.

I try to make it easy to cancel, as that is what I would want if I was a subscriber. If a member is no longer needing my services, they shouldn’t have to pay for it. To cancel, all a member has to do is go to their account page. I provide a link to this at the top right corner of my site. Once they do that, under the Subscription tab is a link to cancel. No phone calls or emails are needed. Of course, they can contact me for help at any time.

Payment Questions

Yes! You can select to use PayPal on the check out page.

All you need to do is go to your Account page, and under the Subscription tab will be an link to where you can update your credit card information.

Your credit card isn’t charged until your free trial is over, so if you cancel before your free trial ends, you were never charged, so no refund is necessary.

Yes! I use industry standard security with my site, including https and other methods to keep the site secure. 

No, I do not. All information is stored securely on Stripe and not my server. Stripe is an online gateway specializing in accepting online payments. They are used by businesses as large as Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, but also cater to businesses as small as mine. They are well regarded in the online industry.

Site Questions

When you favorite a tutorial, it will show on your Dashboard for easy access. To favorite a tutorial, just go to the tutorial you want to favorite, and click on the Favorite button. From that point on, it will show on your Dashboard. When you are finished, you can remove it from your Dashboard by unfavoriting it.

When you are finished with a lesson, just click on the Mark Complete button. This will mark the lesson as complete and take you to the next lesson.

Yes! Marking a lesson as complete is only a visual indicator showing you completed that lesson. You can always go back to the lesson to watch it again.

I have a special page showing the latest lessons. Just go to that page to see what is new. You may want to bookmark this page for easy reference.

Subscription Questions

Yes! Just go to your Account page and under Subscription will be an option to change your plan. When you change your plan, it will be pro-rated.

Yes! One of the advantages of the new tools I am using on this site is reminders. You’ll get a reminder about 2 weeks before your subscription renews. This will give you a couple weeks to evaluate if you want to continue your membership. No more surprise renewals, at least not from me. Also, if your credit card is about to expire before the renewal, you will also get an email reminding you to update your credit card.

Sorry, that is not an option anymore. I used to have this as an option, but I  found more value in offering PayPal, and unfortunately, PayPal does not offer this as a feature. So if I wanted to offer pausing, I couldn’t offer PayPal. Don’t worry though, you can still easily cancel, and then when you need more training, you can purchase a new membership plan using your same email address.

I don’t have any non-subscription plans, but you can easily cancel a plan once you sign up. If you cancel after the free trial, you will have complete access to the site until your term ends. At that time, it will not renew.

If you like this option, you may want to sign up to one of my plans without the free trial, so then you can cancel it as soon as you sign up. 

An example would be if you sign for to my Annual Membership without the free trial, what you could do is cancel right away. This would give you access to my site for a year. After a year, you will not be billed again, because you canceled it already. If you sign up to a plan with a free trial and you pause it right away, your membership will be canceled after the free trial or 2 weeks.

Also, with any subscription plan, I do send out a reminder email about 2 weeks prior to you being billed. This is just to remind you that you are going to be billed soon, giving you the option to cancel or pause your subscription.

When you sign up on a plan with a discount, the discount will be applied when the plan auto-renews. If you cancel and then renew manually, previous discounts will not be applied.

Video Questions

If you are using Reader mode in Safari, you will not see the videos. To see if you are in Reader mode, go to your address bar in Safari and long press or click on the Aa’s. Make sure Reader mode is off.

I do not offer downloading of any videos. The videos are quite large and take up quite a bit of space. This could be something I look at in the future.

Noteboom Tutorials Questions

Some of you may be familiar with my site Noteboom Tutorials. If you aren’t familiar with Noteboom Tutorials, my tutorials have been available under Noteboom Productions and Tutorials for years. Well, I decided to make a change. Same tutorials, same instructor (me), but just in new packaging with a new name. Read on to learn more.

No, you do not. Any current member of Noteboom Tutorials gets’a complimentary membership to Dan’s Tutorials. All you need to do is log in. I didn’t import any password, so if you have not logged into Dan’s Tutorials yet, you will first need to reset your password.

When you cancel your membership on Noteboom Tutorials, your complimentary membership will also be canceled.

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