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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of you may be familiar with my site Noteboom Tutorials. If you aren’t familiar with Noteboom Tutorials, my tutorials have been available under Noteboom Productions and Tutorials for years. Well, I decided to make a change. Same tutorials, same instructor (me), but just in new packaging with a new name. Read on to learn more.

No worries. You’ll find the same tutorials on a faster site with more features… and best of all, my goal is to offer my new All-Access membership at the same subscription rate you had with my Noteboom Tutorials site. For now, if you sign in to Noteboom Tutorials, you can sign up for a complimentary membership from your Dashboard. Questions? Send me a message or chatting with me below.

My older tutorials were not created with subtitles, so any lessons associated with those tutorials do not have this service. Any tutorials I create moving forward will have subtitles. As I update my older tutorials, I will be adding subtitles to those as well.

Yes! One of the advantages of the new tools I am using on this site is reminders. You’ll get a reminder about 2 weeks before your subscription renews. This will give you a couple weeks to evaluate if you want to continue your membership. No more surprise renewals, at least not from me. Also, if your credit card is about to expire before the renewal, you will also get an email reminding you to update your credit card.

Yes! Just go to your Account page and under Subscription will be an option to change your plan. When you change your plan, it will be pro-rated.

Yes! On your Account page you will find Subscriptions with an option to pause your renewal. When you pause your renewal, your membership will be paused on your renewal date as opposed to renewing you again. If you need more training after your membership has been paused, just sign back in, go to your Account page, and resume your subscription. At that point, the site will renew your subscription and you will be able to view all the lessons again. Read more about it in my blog post.

Just go to your Account page and under Subscription will be a link to cancel your account. Just click that link and confirm you want to cancel. You will still have access to the site until your renewal date. At that time, your membership will be canceled and not renewed.

No, I no longer support PayPal payments. Why? PayPal does not support one of the features I offer with my new site, pausing subscription renewals. Once they support this feature, I’ll look into adding it as a payment option.

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