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  1. macOS Classes
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  2. Favorite Features in macOS Sonoma
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  3. New & Updated in macOS Ventura
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  4. Getting Started with the Mac
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  5. Menu Bar Lessons for the Mac
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  6. Dock Lessons for the Mac
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  7. Finder Lessons for the Mac
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  8. Manage Applications on the Mac
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  9. Manage Files and Folders on the Mac
    30 Lessons
  10. General macOS Lessons
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  11. Preferences or Settings for the Mac
    34 Lessons
  12. Troubleshooting Lessons for the Mac
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  13. New in macOS Mojave
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  14. New in macOS Catalina
    19 Lessons
  15. New in macOS Big Sur
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  16. New in macOS Monterey
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Preferences or Settings for the Mac

Tutor for macOS Mojave

Are you looking to learn how to customize your Mac by changing it’s preferences? It’s easy to do and a lot of the preferences are available all through the Mac’s System Preferences. System Preferences are where you will find dark and light mode, scroll bar options, hot corners options, printers and print queues, sound settings including how to adjust the level of input and output, wi-fi settings and the different options available, internet accounts such and Gmail and Yahoo!, user accounts and how to manage them, and parental controls for macOS prior to macOS Catalina.

Lessons to help you understand the Menu Bar on your Mac include:

  • System Preferences Overview
  • General Preferences
  • Using Hot Corners
  • Working with Printers and Scanners
  • A Quick look at Sound Preferences
  • A closer look at Wi-fi Settings
  • A closer look at Internet Accounts
  • Creating User Accounts
  • Adding Parental Controls
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