New in macOS Mojave

Tutor for macOS Mojave

Are you curious at what is new in macOS Mojave? Find out what Apple has changed and added in my lessons on what is new in macOS Mojave. Some of what I cover include the new Dark Mode, the Dynamic Desktop and how it can change you desktop depending on the time of day, how to view recent apps in the Dock, and the new gallery view in a Finder window. I also look at Desktop Stacks for keeping your desktop organized, how you can keep your folders on top in the desktop, new ways to view metadata, the new privacy options Mojave has, and the new screenshot options that are available. I wrap it up by taking a look at some of the new features in some of the apps including Photos, Safari, Mail, and the App Store.

Lessons to help you understand what is new in macOS Mojave include:

  • Dark Mode
  • Dynamic Desktop
  • Recent Apps in the Dock
  • Gallery View in Finder Window
  • macOS Software Updates
  • Desktop Stacks
  • Keep Desktop Folders on Top
  • Viewing File Metadata
  • Quick Actions and Markup
  • Continuity Camera
  • Privacy Options
  • Screenshot Options
  • What’s New in Photos
  • What’s New in Safari
  • What’s New in Mail
  • What’s New in the App Store

This topic on what’s new in macOS Mojave is just over one hour long.

Subtitle and AirPlay Enabled

The lessons in this tutorial are subtitled and AirPlay enabled. To use these features, click or tap on the appropriate icons while watching any lesson below. These icons are available after you start playing a lesson and are located within the video itself.

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