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Create Templates for Reminders Lists with macOS Ventura

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Learn how to create a Reminder’s List Template in this video for macOS Ventura.

With macOS Ventura, Apple introduced a new feature in Reminders – Templates. With Templates, you can create a template from a current Reminder’s list. Then you can create new lists based off of that template. See why you may want to create a template from a list and how to create and manage your templates in this video for Reminders and What’s New in macOS Ventura.

Chapters Include:
00:00 – Introduction
00:31 – Can can Templates do for us
01:11 – How to Create a Reminders Template
01:40 – How to Create a Reminders List from a Template
02:23 – How to include Completed Reminders in Templates
03:29 – How to Edit a Reminders Template
03:47 – Share, Rename, and Delete Reminders Templates
03:58 – Create Multiple Reminders Lists from Templates
04:50 – Wrap Up on Creating Reminders Lists from Templates

Video Transcription
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