Dan's Tutorials Shortcut App

Access Dan's Tutorials through Apple Shortcuts

What is Dan's Tutorials Shortcut App?

With my Shortcut, you can easily access my latest lessons, upcoming events, or latest Apple news. All through the convenience through a Shortcut. I call it my Shortcut App.


Get the Shortcut

When you download my shortcut, it will be added to your Shortcuts app, and since the Shortcuts app syncs all its shortcut with all your devices, all you need to do is install it on one device. iCloud will then add it to your other devices through the Shortcuts app.

Note: This version of my Shortcut includes limited features. Members can download the full version which includes access to more site features. Not a member? Join today!

Download the Shortcut

Dan's Tutorials Shortcut will be added to your Shortcuts App
Version 1.0

Add the Shortcut to your Mac, iPad, and iPhone

On the Mac, the Shortcut will install in your Menu Bar by default for easy access. You can also install it in your Mac’s Dock. On the iPad and iPhone, you can add my Shortcut to your Home Screen. Once it is added to your Home Screen, it works like any other app. You can add it to your Dock or place it in folders.


Update the Shortcut

Find out if there is an update to my Shortcut. If there is, just delete your old shortcut through Apple Shortcut app, and download my new version. You will need to add the new version to your Mac’s Menu Bar or Dock again, as well as your iPad and iPhone’s Home Screen.

Current Version: 1.0

Download the latest version to your Shortcuts App.

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