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Over 1,600 Video Lessons

I have over 1,600 Lessons for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. These lessons are in a video format where I show you how something works. They are designed to be easy-to-follow and range from a short 3 minutes to some being over 10. Most are around 5 minutes. I add more videos on a regular basis. These videos are based off tips I find around the web to members submissions asking me how something works.

Online Classes

I host online classes on a regular basis. These classes are held through Zoom and cover a wide range of subjects. Past classes have covered Keynote, Pages, Spark Mail, organizing your photos, and using Apple Tech when Traveling. Future classes will cover what is new with future versions of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, as well as major software updates. Members can also watch any past classes I’ve held.

Online AMA Webinars

I also host online webinars on a regular basis. These webinars are similar to my classes as they are also held through Zoom. They differ in content are in a format called Ask Me Anything (AMA). This is where I get to put my Genius hat on. When you register, you can submit a question for me to answer during the webinar. These webinars are a little more free form and loose. More of a community for my members. Members can also watch any past webinars I’ve held.


Members can request lessons. If I already have a lesson on it, I’ll forward that on. If I don’t, I’ll record a new lesson covering their request. If it is not something I cover, I’ll try my best to find a solution on the internet that may help in the request.

Recap Newsletters

I offer a number of newsletters highlighting what is new. You can receive these via email or as an ePub. The email versions are sent as a Daily Recap and a Weekly Recap. Both of these newsletters include what I’ve added to the site as well as the latest Apple News from around the web. You can subscribe to either or both. The Monthly Recap is an ePub that you open in your Books app on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It includes all the videos from a specific month in an easy to navigate book.

One-to-One Training

If you have a spedific question on software, how to use it or how to set it up, this is where my One-to-One Training Sessions can help. These are also hosted through Zoom, but with these sessions it is a one-to-one session.  I can guide your or even take control of your Mac. These are an added on benefit, and a discounted rate is available to members.

Shortcuts App

Everyone loves an app! With the Shortcuts App, you can create an app-like experience. I created a shortcut that gives you easy access to my latest lessons, upcoming webinars, and all the latest Apple news. This shortcut is accessible from your Mac’s Menu Bar, or Dock, and you can add it your your iPad and iPhone’s Home Screen to give it an App like experience.

More Site Features

In addition to the lessons, classes, webinars, training sessions, and newsletters – my site also offers a number of other feature to help you learn more about your Mac, iPad, iPhone,  Apple Watch, and Apple TV. These feature include the following:

• Lesson Tracking •
• Favorite Tutorials •
• Resume your Last Lesson •
• Search & Filter Lessons •
• No Ads in Videos •
• and more! •

Supporting Small Business

Not only do you get all the great features I’ve mentioned, but by becoming a member, you are helping support a small business owned by my wife and I. It is run out of our house where I use our spare bedroom as my office and studio. I create the tutorials, host the classes and meetings, I design and update the website, I create the eBooks – all on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Every membership helps, and by becoming a member, you can be assured you are helping a small business!


I have happy members from around the world. Of course the majority of my members are from the United States, as that is where I am from, but I also have members from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, and Switzerland, India, and more. 

Sample Dashboard for Members

Below is what the Dashboard looks like to members highlighting all the latest lessons, classes, webinars and Apple News.

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Webinars

New And Updated Lessons

Here are my latest tips and lessons I've added and updated.

Guided Tour

Curious on how the site works? Take a guided tour of Dan’s Tutorials.


Search Lessons

Looking for specific topic?

Member Features

All-Access members can resume their last lesson, keep notes, search and filter lessons, and favorite or bookmark tutorials they are currently taking. 

If you like what you see, you can help by supporting the site. I appreciate it and it really does help.


Some of the latest testimonials I have received.

News from Around the Web

Find some of the latest Apple news from various sources below. Links open in a new window to the resepctive website.


Curious on what people have to say? Take a look at some of the testimonials I've received.

Thanks for all you do…your information really is quite a lifeline to a simpler life online. – Alanna

Thank you! just got my MacBook Pro and its my first ever Mac and i don’t really know what I’m doing as I’ve always used Windows. 😅 – Catherine

I have been a subscriber to your website since the early days of Noteboom and have appreciated your common sense approach to teaching us everything Apple. – Dick

Learned something new from iMac from you. Thank you Dan. – T

Thank you for your beautiful presentation [on Spark Mail app]. It was insightful and intuitive. – Daniel

Thank you for a very good service. – Anonymous

So simple and a quick fix. This really helped. Thanks. – Salman

You made my day and probably my week… Many thanks for taking the time to do some research…I very much appreciate it and so does my 2 week old MacBook Pro M1 Max. – Doug

So helpful! thank you very much 🙂 – Ricardo

All I can say is “THANK YOU” for your expertise and tutorials! You help us us Apple Users “cut to the chase” of learning.  I am as passionate about my learning, teaching and sharing as you. Again I cannot say enough about your training. – Tom

I just love your tutorials. You go slow and more in-depth than YouTube videos. That approach makes it more understandable to me. – Michael

Thank you so much! [I] just shifted to the Mac and this was driving me nuts. – Jessa

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