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How to Zoom into your Mac’s Display for Easier Reading

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Learn how to Zoom into the Display on your Mac to make your entire display larger.

Did you know you could zoom into the display on your Mac with a simple gesture? Why would you want to do this? When you zoom into the display, it makes everything larger, not just the text. This works great for apps that have smaller text, such as the Maps app. See why you may want to zoom into your display and how you can do it in this video for the Mac.

00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Zoom into an App with ⌘ +/-
00:51 – Why do you want to use Display Zoom?
01:16 – Use a Third Party App to Zoom In
01:31 – Turn on Display Zoom
02:14 – Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Zoom
03:23 – Use Gestures to Zoom In
04:09 – Use a Modifier Key for Scroll Gesture
05:19 – Putting It Together with the Maps App
05:48 – Zoom into Text with Hover Text
06:30 – Summary and Conclusion

Video Transcription
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