New in macOS Catalina

In the following lessons, I look at what is new in macOS Catalina. Most of the changes with macOS Catalain are ‘under the hood’ as the say, but they did add some new features including new window management options, Screen Time preferences, and a number of new apps. I look at these and more in the following lessons.

Lessons for this topic on macOS Catalina include:

  • How to tell if an app is 32-bit if your are using macOS Catalina
  • Opening Recent Folders from the Dock
  • Reorganized System Preferences
  • New Window Management Options
  • New Screen Time Preferences
  • New Music App
  • New TV App
  • New Podcasts App
  • Manage your iOS Devices through a Finder Window
  • What’s New in the Photos App
  • New in the Notes App: Gallery View
  • What’s New in Safari
  • Block Senders, Mute Notifications, and Column View in Mail
  • New FindMy App
  • New Catalyst Apps
  • New Security and Privacy Features
  • New Redesigned Reminders App
  • Using your iPad as a second Display with Sidecar

This topic on MacOS Catalina over 90 minutes long.

Subtitle and AirPlay Enabled

The lessons in this tutorial are subtitled and AirPlay enabled. To use these features, click or tap on the appropriate icons while watching any lesson below. These icons are available after you start playing a lesson and are located within the video itself.

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