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Switch between open apps with the Mac’s App Switcher

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Discover the Ultimate App Switching Solution for Mac and Achieve Peak Productivity!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to easily switch between open apps on your Mac using the app switcher. This works on all versions of Mac OS, even if you have an older system.

What is the App Switcher? It allow you to easily switch between open apps, and you can use it to hide and quit open apps – all by using using keyboard the keyboard and a couple keys. By pressing Command+Tab, you can bring up a modal view of all open apps. Then tap Tab to cycle through them, let go of Command on the app you want to switch to. You can also hide apps with Command+H or quit them with Command+Q, right from the app switcher. This handy built-in Mac feature allows you to manage all your open apps quickly without using your mouse or Dock.

See how easy it is to switch between your open apps in the video for the Mac!

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:34 – What macOS I am using to Demonstrate
  • 00:53 – What is the App Switcher?
  • 01:44 – Switch Between Apps with the App Switcher
  • 04:06 – Reverse App Switcher Direction
  • 05:00 – Hiding Open Apps with the App Switcher
  • 06:37 – How to Quit an App with the App Switcher
  • 07:59 – Wrap Up
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