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Ever Wondered How to Rename Mac Files? Top 7 Tips Here!

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Your Guide to Renaming Files on a Mac

In this video, we dive deep into the many ways you can rename files on your Mac. From using the Finder to renaming within applications, there are a multitude of options available to make file management more efficient. We cover key points such as how to replace text in the name of multiple files, add text to the name of multiple files, and format text in a name of multiple files. This video brings an easy-to-follow approach to these methods, making your Mac experience smoother and more streamlined. 😃💻👌


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 01:43 – Rename with Contextual Menu
  • 02:01 – Rename through App Menu
  • 02:44 – Rename through the Title Bar
  • 03:54 – Replace Text in the Name in Multiple Files
  • 06:28 – Add Text to a Name in Multiple Files
  • 08:11 – Format Text in Multiple Files
  • 10:27 – Wrap Up

Once you understand the process, it’s actually quite straightforward and can save you time when organizing your files. Knowing how to do it well can save you time and help you find things much easier later on. Let’s look at how you can rename files on your Mac with ease.

Renaming a Single File

If you have a file that needs a new name, here’s what to do. First, click on the file just once to select it. Then, press the ‘Return’ key. This will highlight the file name, but not its extension (that’s the .jpg, .doc, or .pdf part that tells your Mac what kind of file it is). You only want to change the descriptive part of the name, not the extension. Type in the new name you’d like, and press ‘Return’ again to set it. It’s that simple!

Renaming Multiple Files Together

Sometimes you might have a group of files that all need similar names. Your Mac has a smart way to handle this:

Replacing Part of the Name

Let’s say you have a bunch of files that all start with “Vacation” but need to be called “Trip” instead. You can change them all at once! Just select all the files you want to rename, right-click on one of them, and choose ‘Rename.’ In the box that pops up, you’ll see an option to ‘Replace Text.’ Here, you can type “Vacation” in the ‘Find’ field and “Trip” in the ‘Replace with’ field. Click ‘Rename,’ and all your files will update at once.

Adding Additional Information

If you want to add something to the names, like the year or a word like “Family,” you can do that too. After you select the files and open the ‘Rename’ option, choose ‘Add Text’ instead. Then, just type what you want to add and decide whether it should go at the beginning or end of the existing names.

Formatting with Numbers or Dates

If you need your files to be in a specific order or want to include the date, the ‘Format’ option when renaming is perfect. This lets you add numbers (like 1, 2, 3) or the current date to your file names, which is very helpful when you’re organizing photos or documents by when they were taken or created.

Renaming files on your Mac is a straightforward task, but it’s a powerful tool to keep your computer organized. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your files are always easy to find and well-sorted. Enjoy your newfound organizational prowess!

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