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Manage Files and Folders on the Mac

Do you want to learn more about how to work with documents and folders on your Mac? Maybe I can help with these lessons. I start out by showing you how to select files and folders, work with the Save dialog box, and deleting and recovering files from the trash. Some people get confused on how copying works as opposed to moving a file, especially when it comes to copying or moving files to a second hard drive. I’ve got that covered too. I also look at searching your Mac, including searching within documents. If you want to learn how to open documents with multiple applications, I show you the different ways you can do that on the Mac, as well as using spring-loaded folders, compressing files and folders, viewing the metadata of files, and renaming files in batches. I wrap it up with a lesson on using tags with files and folders.

Lessons to help you work with documents and folders on your Mac include:

  • How to select multiple files and folders.
  • Saving documents with the Save Dialog box.
  • Delete and recover files and folders from the trash.
  • Copy, move, and group files.
  • Searching your Mac with Spotlight Search.
  • Opening documents with other applications besides the default application.
  • Using spring-loaded folders to move files into folders quickly.
  • Compress multiple files into a single zip file.
  • View the metadata of files on the Mac.
  • Rename multiple files at a time.
  • Tag files and folders to help you keep them organized.

The lessons in this topic on getting working with documents and folders on your Mac total just over 1 hour.

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