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It is wonderful dealing with a company (person) who represents a quality product and conducts business in a dependable and forthwright manner.

Thanks for all you do…your information really is quite a lifeline to a simpler life online. – Alanna

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This video [on how to] Format an External Drive for Time Machine Backups- was absolutely terrific, you did a great job of explaining the whole process… – Thomas

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You are a born educator. Keep up the good work.

– Perry

[Your class] was very well done and easy to follow. Keep up all the good work. – Doug

It [WWDC Class] was terrific.  Thank you so much. – Sheila

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I’ve been using Time Machine for decades and I was surprised how much new insight I learned listening to your presentation.  It was very well done and easy to follow. – Doug

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You are great. Thank You. – Marybeth

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