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  • Thank you so much Dan, can’t tell you how much I appreciate your helpful information. – Bunny
  • Dan, I am amazed at the improvements you have brought to your subscribers. I just wanted to say thank you and please continue the truly outstanding job you are doing! Warmest regards. – Steve
  • …wonderful site. – Shahed
  • Let me also express how glad I am, and also I was, to have found your tutorials. They made my “Apple Life” easy over the years. I have spent 35 years in the IBM Development Organisation and know how difficult it is to train/educate users. You have an extraordinary talent to teach and make users feel they are not alone. – Peter
  • I’m glad to be a subscriber. – Marilyn
  • Your tutorials are excellent because your attitude is very amenable to teaching. You present so much that is very interesting. – Ken
  • I love your tutorials. – Dianne
  • Very detailed and paced just about right. The instructor, Dan Wassink, did a great job. Looking forward to seeing what other courses he has to offer. – Ron
  • Wow, I have been using Dan’s Tutorials for only five minutes and I am already a computer genius! – Richard
  • Thanks. Your stuff is just great! – George
  • The new site looks great!– Tom
  • Been a member for quite a few years… love it. – Michael
  • Love your tutorials! – Virgil
  • You provide a great service. –Susan
  • I love your tutorials! You make it so easy to understand! – Keith
  • I really like having the different stages of the tutorials available for review because I tend to forget a function if I use it infrequently. I used to be current on most functions, but I am soon to be 89 and not so sharp anymore. I appreciate the detail in your tutorials too. Thank you for the way you present the information. I am a fan! – Langston
  • I like having your expertise at my fingertips. – Robbie
  • Excellent service. Your courses are well structured and easy to follow. I have learned a lot thanks to you. – Gilberto
  • I find your instructions clear, complete &expressing the abilities of this tutorial. – Al
  • Great tutorials, great service. – Leo
  • Your website is so fabulous, with such an artistic and highly functional layout… I appreciate what you offer and will continue to tell my friends and family about your terrific website. – Dave
  • Thanks once again for some smashing instructions. – Dave
  • Great service. – James
  • Great job on iOS 12 tutorial. Just finished it. Very helpful. – Tom
  • I’m really impressed with your tutorials. – Anonymous
  • Great training program, I really enjoyed it. Thank you – William
  • My husband and I love your tutorials. – Linda
  • Your site is excellent! – Anthony
  • Love your tutorials, thank you! – Lesa
  • You have a great service. – Stan
  • Your tutorials are absolutely terrific! – Lon
  • I throughly enjoyed being able to watch and learn from your excellent tutorials! – John
  • They are the best [tutorials] on the market. – John
  • This is an amazing beginners course for excel for Mac users. – Brandon
  • Thank you for your wonderful service. – Anonymous
  • Thank you again for the great work. – Debbie
  • Love your new video on the Watch- mail, messages, etc. – Mitch
  • Just wanted to also say I am finding the videos really helpful and fun to use. I found your website today and am really pleased as they are done in bite size portions and you can work through as you wish. – David
  • Yours is by far the best tutorial I’ve come across and with the best tutor. – Matt
  • Your tutorials are wonderful. I tell people that I am a recovering windows user. Your tutorials got me thru MBP and iPad. Keep up the good work. – Tom
  • I love your tutorials! I am a pretty good Mac user but have little sense of what other people do because I am retired and no longer “connected” to a work environment. Still, I take your tutorials and learn something new EVERY time. I am a subscriber for life!!! – Anonymous
  • Love the site and the service…I want to increase my skills and you’re the Obi Wan to help me do that! – Walt
  • Thanks for all the other instructional videos you have helped me with. Nice to have a face with the voice. – Ron
  • Because you tutorials, I can make the best of Apple products . – Devin
  • Congratulations on Tutor for Mojave! Magnificent job! – William
  • Just wanted to say “thank you” for a super quality site that really assists me in learning my Mac. – Lon
  • I‘ve enjoyed your tutorials so much that I got my dad to subscribe as well.  – Matt
  • Thanks for the consistently helpful videos. – Anonymous
  • Your work is excellent. Thank you. – Ken
  • Thanks, you do a great job! You have made the transition from Windows to Apple much easier for me. Thanks again! – DJ
  • Excellent product… VERY helpful. – Bill
  • I enjoy your lessons so much. You’re definitely the best teacher, ever! Thank you!!! – Karen
  • I’m a real techno-moron, but your tutorials make me feel like I’ve become an expert. – Larry
  • You do a fine job with the tutorials – Alan
  • Best tutor and presenter I’ve come across. Value for money. Highly recommended. – Mathias
  • I really enjoy your tutorials! – DJ
  • Your tutorials are great. – Kenneth
  • I keep praising your services to my Apple-related training customers, family, and friends. – David
  • You have great content. – William
  • Your tutorials are very well done. – Doug
  • Your site is excellent and I will be happy to let others know same. – Walt
  • I love it!! This guy is a good teacher. – Suzanne
  • Your tutorials are Great. – Anonymous
  • Love your teaching. So clear and complete. Thanks so much. – Bill
  • Great product. – John
  • Great tutorial!!! Thank you!!! – Edgar
  • I think you’re tutorials are a number 10+. – Jessie

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