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I’m digging your tutorials. You’re a good teacher. – Johnny

Your “new” site looks excellent. – Bill

I love the layout of the site! It is very easy to navigate. – Joan

Your tutorials are great. – Robin

I love your tutorials!!! Simple and straight forward!! Great job. – Christopher

Dan, I love your site. – Elaine

I really appreciate your Tutorials. You’re doing a good job. – Marilyn

I am so pleased with my subscription! They call me “Auntie Mac” in my neighborhood since I first started with an Apple 2E way back in the olden days. I am always needing to learn more and solve problems that come up for each new device or OS. Keep up the good work. – Kendra

Just wanted to drop you a line. It has been a LONG time since I spent any time on your site. Well, I finally got around to updating my iPad Air2 to the iPad app and I immediately went to your site to get up to speed. You still have the BEST tutorials around and I am happy to see you are still making new ones. Keep up the good work!! – Rich

I am new by a few months to your website, introduced through HMAUS in Hawaii. I have sat in on two webinars and joined your online trial version one week ago. As senior person who loves Apple and Mac, I have a steep learning curve: your AMA webinars are great. I don’t even know what questions to ask, but I learn so much each time from your clear responses to questions and listening to your webinees–my problem is retention. Your website is so up my alley because it is organized and in one location and I can access over and over. I am now a real member. This is just to thank you for this perfect website for me. I can always find your tutorials in one place. Your organization and understanding of the “student.” Is phenomenal!! Thank you!!! – Letah

Excellent job, recommend you to all people I know new to Apple. – Amy

Your tutorial for iMovie was a life saver! EXTREMELY helpful producing my first video. – Scott

Thanks for all you taught me. – Peter

I just wanted to tell you how great it is that you are doing these webinars. – Roger

Thanks so much for the good information and your sharing. – Bill

You’re awesome and thank you! When this Covid quarantine started in March, I challenged myself to create family iMovies, importing from SD cards from a Sony HD video camera. I was ecstatic to discover your iMovie tutorials – They have been so invaluable to my effort. Your tutorials made a huge difference reducing my time and anguish significantly. – Peter

Great site – Peter

Love your tutorials – Jette

Thank you so much! So helpful. – Ryan

Love the smooth, calm bedside manner of all your videos. – Duncan

I’ve found your iMovie for iPad tutorials to be sooo very helpful this past week. – Jeanne

I challenged myself to create family iMovies, importing from SD cards from a Sony HD video camera. I was ecstatic to discover your iMovie tutorials – They have been so invaluable to my effort. Your tutorials made a huge difference reducing my time and anguish significantly. – Michael

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your tutorials. I have just gotten into tap forms 5 having had the earlier version but I hadn’t used it. Going on the developers web Site even with the blogs and forums has been a nightmare. Your tutorials for tap forms 5 are a godsend. – Katz

I must tell you that, as a teacher myself, you are an amazing teacher. I LOVE your tutorials because they are brief, concise, and thorough without being too ‘wordy’. Your voice is soothing to listen to and I really appreciate your expertise. Thank you for taking me up on my suggestion that you do a tutorial on ZOOM. Your lessons are awesome! – Fran

Keep up the good work. – Anthony

You tutorials are great. – Bob

Dan’s Tutorials – The Best. – Vinod

I just want to thank you for putting those [tutorials] out so an average person like me can understand them. I will be a subscriber to your tutorials for the foreseeable future! – Keith

Love your tutorials. – Susan

Thank you so much Dan, can’t tell you how much I appreciate your helpful information. – Bunny

Dan, I am amazed at the improvements you have brought to your subscribers. I just wanted to say thank you

…wonderful site. – Shahed

Let me also express how glad I am, and also I was, to have found your tutorials. They made my “Apple Life” easy over the years. I have spent 35 years in the IBM Development Organization and know how difficult it is to train/educate users. You have an extraordinary talent to teach and make users feel they are not alone. – Peter

I’m glad to be a subscriber. – Marilyn

Your tutorials are excellent because your attitude is very amenable to teaching. You present so much that is very interesting. – Ken

I love your tutorials. – Dianne

Very detailed and paced just about right. The instructor, Dan Wassink, did a great job. Looking forward to seeing what other courses he has to offer. – Ron

Wow, I have been using Dan’s Tutorials for only five minutes and I am already a computer genius! – Richard

Thanks. Your stuff is just great! – George

The new site looks great! – Tom

Been a member for quite a few years… love it. – Michael

Love your tutorials! – Virgil

You provide a great service. – Susan

I love your tutorials! You make it so easy to understand! – Keith

I really like having the different stages of the tutorials available for review because I tend to forget a function if I use it infrequently. I used to be current on most functions, but I am soon to be 89 and not so sharp anymore. I appreciate the detail in your tutorials too. Thank you for the way you present the information. I am a fan! – Langston

I like having your expertise at my fingertips. – Robbie

Excellent service. Your courses are well structured and easy to follow. I have learned a lot thanks to you. –

I find your instructions clear, complete, and expressing the abilities of this tutorial. – Al

Great tutorials, great service. – Leo

Your website is so fabulous, with such an artistic and highly functional layout… I appreciate what you offer and will continue to tell my friends and family about your terrific website. – Dave

Thanks once again for some smashing instructions. – Dave

Great service. – James

Great job on iOS 12 tutorial. Just finished it. Very helpful.

I’m really impressed with your tutorials. – Anonymous

Great training program, I really enjoyed it. Thank you – William

My husband and I love your tutorials. – Linda

Your site is excellent! – Anthony

Love your tutorials, thank you! – Lesa

You have a great service. – Stan

Your tutorials are absolutely terrific! – Lon

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch and learn from your excellent tutorials! – John

They are the best [tutorials] on the market. – John

This is an amazing beginners course for excel for Mac users. – Brandon

Thank you for your wonderful service. – Anonymous

Thank you again for the great work. – Debbie

Love your new video on the watch, mail, messages, etc. – Mitch

Just wanted to also say I am finding the videos really helpful and fun to use. I found your website today and am really pleased as they are done in bite size portions and you can work through as you wish. – David

Yours is by far the best tutorial I’ve come across and with the best tutor. – Matt

Your tutorials are wonderful. I tell people that I am a recovering windows user. Your tutorials got me thru MBP and iPad. Keep up the good work. – Tom

I love your tutorials! I am a pretty good Mac user but have little sense of what other people do because I am retired and no longer “connected” to a work environment. Still, I take your tutorials and learn something new EVERY time. I am a subscriber for life!!! – Anonymous

Love the site and the service… I want to increase my skills and you’re the Obi Wan to help me do that! – Walt

Thanks for all the other instructional videos you have helped me with. Nice to have a face with the voice. – Ron

Because you tutorials, I can make the best of Apple products. – Devin

Congratulations on Tutor for Mojave! Magnificent job! – William

Just wanted to say “thank you” for a super quality site that really assists me in learning my Mac. – Lon

I‘ve enjoyed your tutorials so much that I got my dad to subscribe as well. – Matt

Thanks for the consistently helpful videos. – Anonymous

Your work is excellent. Thank you. – Ken

Thanks, you do a great job! You have made the transition from Windows to Apple much easier for me. Thanks again! – DJ

Excellent product… VERY helpful. – Bill

I enjoy your lessons so much. You’re definitely the best teacher, ever! Thank you!!! – Karen

I’m a real techno-moron, but your tutorials make me feel like I’ve become an expert. – Larry

You do a fine job with the tutorials. – Alan

Best tutor and presenter I’ve come across. Value for money. Highly recommended. – Mathias

I really enjoy your tutorials! – DJ

Your tutorials are great. – Kenneth

I keep praising your services to my Apple-related training customers, family, and friends. – David

You have great content. – William

Your tutorials are very well done. – Doug

Your site is excellent and I will be happy to let others know same. – Walt

I love it!! This guy is a good teacher. – Suzanne

Your tutorials are great. – Anonymous

Love your teaching. So clear and complete. Thanks so much. – Bill

Great product. – John

Great tutorial!!! Thank you!!! – Edgar

I think you’re tutorials are a number 10+. – Jessie

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