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  1. macOS Classes
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  2. Favorite Features in macOS Sonoma
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  3. New & Updated in macOS Ventura
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  4. Getting Started with the Mac
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  5. Menu Bar Lessons for the Mac
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  6. Dock Lessons for the Mac
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  7. Finder Lessons for the Mac
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  8. Manage Applications on the Mac
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  9. Manage Files and Folders on the Mac
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  10. General macOS Lessons
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  11. Preferences or Settings for the Mac
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  12. Troubleshooting Lessons for the Mac
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  13. New in macOS Mojave
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  14. New in macOS Catalina
    19 Lessons
  15. New in macOS Big Sur
    15 Lessons
  16. New in macOS Monterey
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Favorite Features in macOS Sonoma

This video series showcases some of the favorite features of macOS Sonoma. These videos are a comprehensive guide to explore the incredible functionalities of macOS Sonoma. You will learn about the new features and improvements that have been added to the operating system. The videos cover everything from the the new screensavers to showing widgets on your Desktop to to the improved Safari browser, and more.

The series will be a great resource for both new and advanced users of macOS. With the help of these videos, you will learn how to make the most out of your Mac with macOS Sonoma. Whether it’s improving workflow, personalizing settings, or discovering hidden features, these videos provide a complete guide to explore the power of macOS Sonoma.

So, stay tuned for more upcoming videos on macOS Sonoma and take your digital experience to the next level.

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