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Save time typing text and Emojis on your Mac with Text Replacement!

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Save time typing by setting up text replacement for phrases and even emojis.

Did you know you could type a phrase and have the Mac replace that with text? This is called Text Replacement. You can even use this to type emojis on your Mac! You can use text replacement to type in emojis instead of searching for them in the emoji picker.

I start by explaining the concept of text replacement and how it can save you time. You’ll also learn how to use text replacement for misspellings, so your Mac can automatically correct them.

Then, the I move on to demonstrate how to set up text replacement in System Settings. It’s very easy to do! You just need to go to the Keyboard Settings in your System Settings or Preferences, and then select the Text Replacement option.

From there, you can add your own text replacements and acronyms.

I then show you how to combine text replacement with emojis. You’ll learn how to add new text replacements that correspond to specific emojis. It’s super cool! You can type in the acronym for the emoji and the Mac will replace it with the corresponding emoji.

Overall, this tutorial is a helpful guide for anyone who wants to save time typing on their Mac. The combination of text replacement and emojis can be especially useful for those who love using emojis in their messaging. Give it a try and see how much time you can save!

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