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How to Keep Scroll Bars Always Visible on Mac (macOS Ventura)

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Learn how to keep the scroll bar always visible on your Mac running macOS Ventura in this tutorial video. Never lose your place again, no matter what app you’re using!

Do you remember when the scroll bar was always visible on your Mac? Well, those days are long gone. But fear not! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to bring back that trusty scroll bar and keep it visible all the time on your Mac running macOS Ventura or later.

First things first, you need to access the System Settings menu. Now, don’t get confused with the old System Preferences. Apple has changed things up a bit with macOS Ventura. Head to the Apple menu, and then click on the “System Settings” option.

From there, navigate to the “Appearance” section, and voila! You’ll find the setting we’re looking for: “Show Scroll Bars.” By default, it’s set to “Automatic,” which means that the scroll bar only appears when you’re scrolling. But we want to keep it visible all the time, right? So, simply select “Always” instead.

And just like that, your scroll bar will always be visible, no matter what app you’re in. Whether you’re browsing the web in Safari or scrolling through a lengthy document in Pages, that scroll bar will be right there for you to use.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

00:00 – Introduction
01:05 – Open System Settings>Appearance
01:28 – Select Always to always show the Scroll Bar on your Mac
02:18 – Wrap Up

Video Transcription
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