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Need help Organizing Your Mac? Master Smart Folders Today!

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Harness the Power of Smart Folders on Your Mac

In today’s video, we are going to look at Smart Folders on the Mac. They are a special type of folder and are a powerful organizational tool that harnesses the macOS search technology to help you manage your files. Unlike traditional folders, Smart Folders do not contain files themselves. Instead, they display files from across your Mac that meet specific search criteria you’ve defined.

For example, you could create a Smart Folder that gathers all documents opened in the last seven days or all your PDFs. Once set up, the Smart Folder will immediately display all files that match these terms, no matter where they are stored on your computer.

The functionality of Smart Folders is built upon the Spotlight search engine that is integrated into macOS. Spotlight indexes all of the content on your Mac, allowing for rapid file search and retrieval. Smart Folders leverage this indexing to provide real-time results.

Let’s take a look at Smart Folders on the Mac!

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