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  1. macOS Classes
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Finder Lessons for the Mac

A major key to working with your Mac is mastering the Finder and it’s windows. When you are viewing your files and folders on your Mac, you are doing this through a Finder window. Through this window, you can view your files and folders as lists or icons, you can group files together based on date or application, you can customize the folders in a window, and even customize the toolbar of a Finder window. I cover these features and more in this topic on working with the Finder on the Mac.

Lessons to help you understand the Finder on your Mac include:

  • How to manage multiple Finder Windows
  • Setting what a new Finder Window opens to
  • Learning about Finder Window views
  • Previewing Finder window documents without opening them
  • Learning how to arrange and group files and folders
  • Performing Actions and Tasks from within a Finder window
  • Opening Finder windows as tabs
  • Learning how to customize the Sidebar in a Finder window
  • Learning how to customize the Toolbar in a Finder window

This topic on getting working with the the Finder on your Mac is just over 45 minutes long.

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