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  1. Classes on the iPhone
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  2. New Features Introduced with iOS 16 Lessons
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  3. Getting Started on the iPhone
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  4. iPhone with Face ID Lessons
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  5. iPhone Basics
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  6. Home Screen Basics on the iPhone
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  7. Working with Apps on the iPhone
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  8. iPhone Settings
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  9. Accessibility Options on the iPhone
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  10. Lessons for Older Versions of iOS
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Learn how to move multiple apps as a group on the iPhone.

In this lesson for the iPhone, I show you how you can move multiple apps at the same time. To select multiple apps that you want to move, you just move a single app, but don’t let go of it. While you have that app selected yet, just tap on the other apps that you’d like to move along with it. As you select the, they will move into a group with your original app. Now all you do is just move that group of apps where you want on your iPhone. See how to move multiple apps as a group in this lesson for the iPhone.

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