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  1. Classes on the iPhone
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  2. My Favorite New Features in iOS 17
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  3. New Features Introduced with iOS 16 Lessons
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  4. Getting Started on the iPhone
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  5. iPhone with Face ID Lessons
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  6. iPhone Basics
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  7. Home Screen Basics on the iPhone
    9 Lessons
  8. Working with Apps on the iPhone
    26 Lessons
  9. iPhone Settings
    24 Lessons
  10. Accessibility Options on the iPhone
    10 Lessons
  11. Lessons for Older Versions of iOS
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Save Battery life with Low Power Mode

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Learn how to save battery life on your iPhone with Low Power Mode

In this lesson for the iPhone, I look at how you can save battery life on your iPhone with Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode reduces the amount of power that your iPhone uses by reducing and affecting email fetch, “Hey Siri”, background app refresh, automatic downloads, reducing visual affects, turning on Auto-Lock after 30 seconds, and pausing iCloud Photos. By refusing these features and affect, the battery life on your iPhone is significantly prolonged. It is a far more effective way to save battery life on the iPhone than by force quitting open apps, which is thought of as a way of saving battery life. See the different ways to turn on Low Power mode on your iPhone in this lesson.

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