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Schedule Notifications to be delivered in a Notification Summary

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Learn how to schedule specific notifications to be delivered in a summary on the iPhone

Are you tired of received notifications throughout the day on the iPhone? Wouldn’t it be great if you could set specific notification to come at a specific time in a summary? You can now with Notification Summaries in iOS 15! See how to set specific notification to be delivered in a summary at a specific time as opposed to throughout the day in this video for the iPhone.

Video TranscriptIn this video, we’re going to look at Notifications Summaries on the iPhone. This was introduced with iOS 15. Let’s go to my iPhone.

Now, as we know, we get notifications throughout the day. If I go to my Notification Center, let’s go to the upper left-hand corner, I swipe down, I’m looking at my different notifications here. These have arrived throughout the day.

What we can now do is get a notification summary. We can tell our iPhone to deliver notifications once or twice a day. This is called Notification Summary. So we will no longer receive notifications throughout the day, we’ll receive a summary once or twice a day.

So how do we do that? How do we tell which notifications we want to include in the summary? And when do we want them to arrive? Well, we need to go to our Settings app. So I’m going to swipe up from the bottom here, and now what we’re going to do is go to my Settings app. I have it on my second page, so I swipe to the left and we have my Settings here.

Now, what we need to do is go to Notifications. Under Notifications, you’re going to see at the very top Scheduled Summary, again this was introduced with iOS 15. Now it is going to be off by default. So let’s turn it on and see which options we have. I tap on this, I first turn it on. We have a card here that tells us how it all works. I’m just going to tap on continue, and from here I just select which apps I want to include in my notification summary, which notifications from specific apps I want to include in that notification.

So I do not want to receive my News notifications throughout the day. I’d like to have that maybe first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed, I just want to see a notification summary. So I tap on this to include my News app. I’m also going to set it for my App Store. I do not want to receive notifications from the App Store throughout the day. So, all we have to do here is just tap on which apps we want to include in the summary.

Now, if you do not see your app, what you need to do is tap on Show More. When I tap on show more, I can see all the different apps in here. All of these apps are delivering notifications. Now, again, if you do not see our app, even after you tap on show more here, what you need to do is make sure that notifications is turned on. So if you do not see your app, that means that that app is not delivering notifications. So I’ve added two apps here. I tap on it.

Next thing I need to do is set when I want to receive these summaries. By default, the first summary is going to come at 8:00 AM. The second summary is going to be at 6:00 PM. And I can add more summaries.

So now what’s going to happen is I’m going to get a summary, my notification center at 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. And it’s going to include those two apps, the App Store, and the News app. From here. I just tap on Notification Summary. And now my summary is scheduled. If you want to make any changes, you can tap on the summaries here to change the time.

I can also see which apps are included in the summary. I can go and add and remove apps by just tapping on the sliders here. Again, if I do not see the app here, what I would need to do is go back and then find the app in our Notification Center and make sure that notifications are turned on.

Let’s take a look at my Notes notifications here. So I’m looking at all of my settings for the notifications for the Notes app. One of the options here is to set up for Scheduled Summary. So I can add this to my Notification Summary. All I would have to do is just tap on this. And if I were to do that, I would no longer receive these notifications immediately. I would receive them at the scheduled summary time. So we can also set our notifications for specific apps to be included in the summary by going to that specific app’s notification settings. Again, we also do need to make sure that we have allow notifications turned on. If allow notifications is turned off, we cannot include it in our summary.

So let’s take a look at what a notification summary looks like, what a scheduled summary looks like. All I have to do is just go down to Show Next Summary. This is going to show my next summary. So I tap on the slider here and now let’s go to my Notification Center. I go up to the upper left hand corner and I swipe down and you’re going to see I have my Evening Summary. This is my notification summary.

So that’s how we can schedule our notifications in a summary. Basically, what we can do is we can tell our iPhone to deliver specific notifications at specific times of the day. This is all done through the Settings app under Notifications. First thing we need to do is turn it on. Once we turn it on, we set which apps we want to include in the summary, which notifications from specific apps we want to include in our summary. If you do not see the app, make sure that that app is set up for notifications. Once you set up which apps you want to include in the summary, you then set when you want to receive that summary. After that, you will no longer receive notifications throughout the day from those specific applications, you’ll receive notifications grouped in a summary at the times that you set.

So that’s how Notification Summaries work on the iPhone.

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