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View Expired Passes in the Wallet App

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See how to view expired passes in the Wallet app in this video for the iPhone.

Prior to iOS 15, the Wallet app on the iPhone kept any expired passes or tickets with all your other passes and tickets. If you wanted to remove them, you had to do this manually, much like a physical wallet. In iOS 15, Apple introduced Expired Passes. Now, the Wallet app will move any expired passes or ticket to a new section. In this Expired Passes section, you can find all your expired passes, thereby leaving the Wallet app showing only your current items. See how to view expired passes in the Wallet app in this video for the iPhone.

Video TranscriptIn this video, we’re going to look at expired passes in the Wallet app on the iPhone. The Wallet app will now move any passes that are expired, any tickets that are expired, into a special area – Expired Passes. This was introduced with iOS 15. Let’s take a look at how we view our expired passes in the Wallet app on the iPhone. Let’s go to my iPhone.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the Wallet app on the iPhone, the Wallet app is where we can store various cards. This could be credit cards or loyalty cards or event tickets. As an example, we recently went to an NFL. I stored the ticket to that game in my wallet. Now, this worked great, but the problem was, if you had an expired ticket prior to iOS 15, if you had an expired ticket, it would still sit in that wallet, just like your regular wallet. What you would have to do is manually remove that ticket. So this Wallet app here ended up with expired tickets, just sitting there, along with your other tickets or your other cards.

Well now with iOS 15, what Apple introduced as the ability to have the wallet app automatically expire or archive expired tickets. Let’s open this up and take a look at my Wallet. You’re going to see I have a number of different loyalty cards here. As I mentioned, the Wallet app stores all your loyalty cards, your credit cards, as well as any event tickets. Well, if any one of these cards now becomes expired, what the wallet app, as I mentioned earlier, will do is it will archive them.

If we scroll down to the bottom, you’re going to see view three expired passes. The Wallet app has automatically moved any passes, any tickets, any loyalty cards that have expired, and moved them into this area. So you no longer will clutter up the Wallet app with expired passes or expired tickets. This is all automatic in iOS 15. You do not have to do anything.

If you want to view those expired passes, you tap on this, and you can view all of your expired passes. You can see, I have here an event ticket that is expired. I also have a couple of airline boarding passes that have expired. I did not move them into this area here. The Wallet app did this automatically. Again, prior to iOS 15, these would have sat in the Wallet app along with everything else. Now with iOS 15, it moves them into this special section, this expired section.

Now, if you’d rather do this manually, you can turn this feature off. Again, it is on by default, but if you did want to turn it off, all you have to do is just go to the Settings app. I’m going to swipe up. And now what we do is go over to our Settings app. We need to go to our Wallet Settings. So I swipe up until I find Wallet and Apple Pay. When I tap on this, we have a number of different options. One of them being Hide Expired Passes. You can see that this is turned on. All you have to do is just turn that off and it will no longer hide expired passes. You’ll have to do it manually, like you had to do prior to iOS 15. My recommendation is leave it on. Once that ticket has expired, there’s no reason to keep it in your Wallet. So let the Wallet app go and put it into the Expired Passes here.

So that’s how the Wallet app archives your passes automatically on the iPhone.

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