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9 Tips for Working with Apps on the iPhone

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Dive into 9 iPhone App Secrets for a Smoother User Experience!

Discover how to manage your iPhone apps like a pro in this video! 📱 From moving multiple apps at once, mastering the App Library, hiding and rearranging Home Screens, to understanding per-app settings, this video covers it all. We’ll also delve into the specifics of adding and removing apps from your Home Screen. 📲


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:23 – Move Several Apps
  • 01:38 – A Look at the App Library
  • 02:38 – Hide Home Screens
  • 05:02 – Remove Home Screens
  • 07:36 – Rearrange Home Screens
  • 07:51 – Remove Apps from Home Screen
  • 09:00 – Add an App to a Home Screen
  • 10:03 – Create Multiple App Instances
  • 12:18 – Per-App Settings
  • 14:18 – Wrap Up

Whether you’ve been using an iPhone for years or just recently joined the Apple family, these tips will make navigating and organizing your apps a breeze.

Effortlessly Move Multiple Apps

Gone are the days of moving apps one by one. On your iPhone, you can select and move multiple apps simultaneously with ease. Begin by lightly pressing and holding one app until it starts to jiggle. While still holding the first app, move it by dragging it around, and then tap other apps you wish to move. They’ll group together, allowing you to drag them to their new home on another screen in one fell swoop. Release your finger, and voilà—all the apps have moved together!

App Library: Your iPhone’s A-Z Rolodex

The App Library is a nifty feature that organizes all your apps in alphabetical order. It’s similar to how you might organize files in a folder on a Mac. To access the App Library, simply swipe left past your last home screen. If you prefer a list view, swipe down in the App Library and you’ll see your apps neatly listed from A to Z, ready to be selected with a tap.

Customizing Home Screens: Hide, Remove, and Rearrange

Your iPhone allows you to customize your home screens to your liking. If you find yourself swiping through multiple screens to reach the App Library, you can simplify your life by hiding or removing home screens you don’t frequently use. To do this, press and hold an empty area on your home screen until the apps jiggle, then tap the page indicator at the bottom. From here, you can select which screens to show or hide. Remember, hiding a home screen doesn’t delete any apps—they are all still available in your App Library.

Per-App Accessibility Settings

For those who need specific accessibility settings for certain apps, your iPhone has you covered. To change settings like text size or contrast for individual apps, head to your Settings app, tap on Accessibility, and then scroll down to Per-App Settings. Here, you can tailor the experience of each app to meet your needs without affecting the rest of your device’s settings.

By watching the video, you should feel more comfortable managing your apps and home screens on your iPhone. These simple yet powerful tips can help declutter your digital space, making your iPhone experience more enjoyable and personalized.

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