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  1. Classes on the iPhone
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  2. My Favorite New Features in iOS 17
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  3. New Features Introduced with iOS 16 Lessons
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  4. Getting Started on the iPhone
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  5. iPhone with Face ID Lessons
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  6. iPhone Basics
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  7. Home Screen Basics on the iPhone
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  8. Working with Apps on the iPhone
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  9. iPhone Settings
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  10. Accessibility Options on the iPhone
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  11. Lessons for Older Versions of iOS
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Enable Display Zoom for larger Icons & Bigger Text on your iPhone

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Set the Display Zoom on the iPhone

In this video, we’ll explore the Display Zoom feature on your iPhone—what it is, why it’s beneficial, and how to enable it. Whether you’re a senior wanting a clearer view or someone who just prefers larger icons and text, Display Zoom is a feature available on many iPhone models that enlarges the interface on your device, making icons, text, and other screen elements larger and easier to see. It’s a fantastic tool for those with visual impairments or anyone who prefers a bigger display for comfort, and can enhance user experience significantly. Chapters: 00:00 – Introduction 00:47 – How to Enable Display Zoom 02:55 – How to Enable Standard Zoom 03:35 – Wrap Up
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