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  1. Classes on the iPhone
    2 Lessons
  2. New Features Introduced with iOS 16 Lessons
    23 Lessons
  3. Getting Started on the iPhone
    17 Lessons
  4. iPhone with Face ID Lessons
    10 Lessons
  5. iPhone Basics
    37 Lessons
  6. Home Screen Basics on the iPhone
    8 Lessons
  7. Working with Apps on the iPhone
    17 Lessons
  8. iPhone Settings
    19 Lessons
  9. Accessibility Options on the iPhone
    9 Lessons
  10. Lessons for Older Versions of iOS
    3 Lessons
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Manage App Store Subscriptions

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Learn how manage your App Store Subscriptions on the iPhone

In this lesson for the iPhone, I look at how you manage your App Store subscriptions. With more apps adding or changing to the subscription model, managing those subscriptions is becoming more important. The good news is Apple has made it easier to find any subscriptions you have, including seeing when they renew as well as canceling a subscription. See where you find and manage your App Store subscription in this lesson for the iPhone.

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