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Keep those Lenses Clean

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PSA: Keep those lenses clean on your iPhone (and iPad) for clearer pictures and scans.

We all know the camera on the iPhone can take great photos! It can also scan bar codes, QR codes, and even documents. But one thing it can’t do is clean itself. The lenses on our iPhones get dirty of foggy, and this can cause countless issues. From pictures that look like they were then on the original iPhone as opposed to the latest, to slow scans of QR codes because the camera can’t see the QR code it needs clearly enough. There is a simple solution… just wipe the lenses with a soft cloth (I use my shirt most of the time). The lenses on the iPhone are tough and scratch resistant, so a simple wipe with any soft cloth should be fine. If you wear glasses and carry glass cleaner with you, that’s even better! Either way, you may want to wipe those lenses clean periodically to get the best out of the iPhone’s camera. 🙂

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