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Name That Tune on the iPhone

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Learn how to find out what song is playing by asking Siri or through the iPhone’s Control Center.

We’ve all experienced it… we hear a song and we can’t think of the title or artist. Or you hear a new track you really like but have no one to ask what it is? You don’t have to worry about that again, thanks to your iPhone or iPad. Back in 2018, Apple bought the music identification app Shazam and has since integrated it into iOS. You can still use Shazam, but it isn’t necessary. You can ask Siri, “What’s playing?” or, if you do not want to interrupt anyone by asking Siri, you can tap the Music Recognition button in Control Center (you can add it in Settings > Control Center). Let your iPhone listen to the music for a few seconds, and you’ll see what is playing. Siri is easiest, but the Control Center button is perfect in situations where you’d prefer to keep your question quiet. The music recognition feature recognizes only recorded music—no high school glee club versions, sorry—and while not perfect, is often helpful. Tap the notification that appears to open the song in Apple Music.

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