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  1. Classes on the iPhone
    3 Lessons
  2. My Favorite New Features in iOS 17
    9 Lessons
  3. New Features Introduced with iOS 16 Lessons
    23 Lessons
  4. Getting Started on the iPhone
    18 Lessons
  5. iPhone with Face ID Lessons
    10 Lessons
  6. iPhone Basics
    43 Lessons
  7. Home Screen Basics on the iPhone
    9 Lessons
  8. Working with Apps on the iPhone
    26 Lessons
  9. iPhone Settings
    24 Lessons
  10. Accessibility Options on the iPhone
    10 Lessons
  11. Lessons for Older Versions of iOS
    3 Lessons
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Get an introduction to over 20 new features on the iPhone with iOS 14.

In this lesson for iOS 14 on the iPhone, I overview 20+ new features, Apple adds to the iPhone with this latest update. This includes the new Today view, new widgets, and how you can stack them. I also look at the new App library and how the iPhone will automatically categorize the apps. I also show you how you can hide home screens. From there, I look at some of the new features Apple added to apps, including translating websites that are in a foreign language with Safari and view a privacy report for websites you’ve visited. With Messages, you can now pin conversations and view inline replies within a conversation with multiple people. In Maps, you can get cycling directions and view guides to cities. And in Reminders, I show you how to organize smart lists, edit multiple reminders, and the new calendar and time picker. Check out some of the new features in iOS 14 in this overview video.

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