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Find App Updates and Delete Apps through the App Store

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Learn why you may want check App Updates, and how to remove an app when viewing it’s updates through the App Store.

I recommend people to check there app updates periodically. Why? So you can see what new feature developers have added to an app. In addtion to bug fixes, you canfind what is new in an app through the App Store. You can also delete an app form your iPhoen through the App Store. Learn about finding new features and deleting apps from your iPhoen in this video.

Video TranscriptIn this video, I’m going to show you how you can see what is new, what a developer added to an app in an app update, as well as how you can delete an app while looking at it through the App Store. Let’s go to my iPhone.

Now, what I recommend people doing is periodically going into the App Store and see what has been updated in some of their apps. The way that we do this is by opening this up. We go over to our Account, and then when we swipe up. We can see what has been updated.

My favorite way of doing this, I’m going to tap on Done here. My favorite way of getting to my updates is by a long pressing on the App Store, we get a menu that pops up. And from here, I can go straight to my updates. Either way, what we want to do is go to our updates. We want to see what has been updated recently.

Now, why do we want to do this? Why do I recommend this? Well, you can actually see if the developer added some new features. As an example, let’s take a look at Zoom here. When I go and tap on More, you’re going to see that they added quite a few new features here. I can quote messages when I chat. There is now formatting for rich text. I can make things bold, italicize, I can quote messages. When I’m in a meeting or webinar, I can now hide my self view when sharing. So this is a great way to see if a developer added some new features that you may want to use just by looking at the updates.

But also in addition to that, what you may find is there’s an app that you no longer use. Maybe the developer updated and then you’re thinking, wait a minute, I forgot that I had that app on there. I want to remove it.

Well, instead of going to the home screen to delete it, what we can do is we can long press on it. Let’s go with the Highway Weather here and let’s say I no longer use this app. I just want to get rid of it. They just updated it. It reminded me that I have it on my iPhone, but I don’t use it. I want to remove it.

Well, instead of going to the home screen and removing it that way. If I long press on this icon here, I get the option to delete it. I tap on Delete. And then from here, I confirm that I want to remove it. And now that is no longer on my iPhone.

So that’s why you may want to use the app store to delete any app. All you have to do is just open up the App Store, go to your recently updated section in your account, and then take a look at what is new at some of the apps.

Again, I recommend people do this on a regular basis just to see what is new. But in addition to that, it will also show you maybe an app that you no longer use. It will remind you that you have that on your iPhone. You do not use it. Well now through the App Store, where you’re able to do is delete that long press on it while it’s in the App Store. A menu will pop-up. And from there, you’re going to be able to delete it.

So that’s how you can check to see what is new in an app, what a developer added to an app, as well as delete that app while you’re looking at it through the App Store.

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