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In this lesson for Safari on the Mac, I look at different troubleshooting options that are available to help with websites that are not working in Safari on the Mac.

The first thing I suggest is to see if the site works in another browser. You can download a number of browser, I usually recommend Brave. Brave is based off of Chrome, but without all the tracking. Download Brave here. If the site works in Brave, or any other browser, the issue may be with Safari. Read on to see what you can do.

The next thing you can try is to delete the history. You can do this by going to Safari in the menu bar and selecting Clear History. From there, you can select how far back you want to delete your history.

If your issue still persists after deleting your history, I recommend deleting the cache, cookies, and website data for the site you hare having an issue with. To do this, select Preference under Safari in the menu bar. In the window that opens, select Privacy. You’ll see an options for Manage Website Data… When you click on tis button, you can search for the website you are have an issue with. Once you find the website, select it and then click on Remove. This will remove the cache, cookies, and local website data for that site.

Another issue may be from extensions you may have installed. You’ll find this in the Safari Preferences as well. Just turn off any extension that may be on, and see if the site works. You can then turn your extensions on one-by-one and see if the issue comes back. If it does, it may be a conflict with the last extensions you turned on.

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