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Safari App Tips & Lessons

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  1. Classes on Safari
    2 Lessons
  2. General Lessons for Using Safari
    2 Lessons
  3. Browsing and Searching with Safari on the Mac
    18 Lessons
  4. Reading and Sharing options for Safari on the Mac
    4 Lessons
  5. Using AutoFill to for Passwords and Other Information in Safari
    8 Lessons
  6. Customizing Safari on the Mac
    8 Lessons
  7. Troubleshooting Safari on the Mac
    5 Lessons
  8. Lessons for Safari on the iPad
    34 Lessons
  9. Lessons for Safari on the iPhone
    29 Lessons
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Learn how to troubleshoot Safari on the iPad if your are having an issue with a website.

If you are having an issue with Safari, what can you do? In this video I go through a few different steps you can take to help resolve any issues. It can be as simple as force quitting Safari, to turning off extensions, to deleting website data (cache). I also show you where you can make sure you have Safari set to block pop up windows.

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