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Safari App Tips & Lessons

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  1. General Lessons for Using Safari
    2 Lessons
  2. Browsing and Searching with Safari on the Mac
    17 Lessons
  3. Reading and Sharing options for Safari on the Mac
    3 Lessons
  4. Using AutoFill to for Passwords and Other Information in Safari
    8 Lessons
  5. Customizing Safari on the Mac
    7 Lessons
  6. Troubleshooting Safari on the Mac
    4 Lessons
  7. Lessons for Safari on the iPad
    29 Lessons
  8. Lessons for Safari on the iPhone
    25 Lessons
Topic 7, Lesson 1
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Change the Search Engine Safari uses on your iPad

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In this tip for the iPad, I look at how you can change the search engine Safari uses on your iPad. By default, Safari will use Google, but you can change it to use Yahoo!, Bing, or Duck Duck Go instead of Google. I show you how you do this in this tip for the iPad.

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