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Safari App Tips & Lessons

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  1. Classes on Safari
    3 Lessons
  2. General Lessons for Using Safari
    2 Lessons
  3. Browsing and Searching with Safari on the Mac
    19 Lessons
  4. Reading and Sharing options for Safari on the Mac
    4 Lessons
  5. Using AutoFill to for Passwords and Other Information in Safari
    8 Lessons
  6. Customizing Safari on the Mac
    8 Lessons
  7. Troubleshooting Safari on the Mac
    5 Lessons
  8. Lessons for Safari on the iPad
    35 Lessons
  9. Lessons for Safari on the iPhone
    29 Lessons
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Customize Safari’s Favorites Bar on Mac

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Learn How to Access Your Favorite Sites in Seconds in Safari on the Mac!

Do you want to have easy access to your favorite bookmarks in Safari? Maybe add them to Safari’s toolbar? That’s what we are going to look at in this video, how to use and customize the Favorites Bar in Safari on a Mac. The Favorites Bar allows you to add your favorite websites, and bookmark folders to the toolbar for quick access. You show and hide the Favorites Bar via the View menu. Anything you add to your bookmarks under the Favorites folder will appear in the Favorites Bar. You can rearrange, add, and delete items in the Favorites Bar by drag and dropping or right clicking. The Favorites Bar is a convenient way to access your most used websites and bookmarks right from Safari’s toolbar.


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:38 – Where to Find your Favorite Bookmarks
  • 01:30 – Show Favorites in Safari’s Toolbar
  • 02:22 – Add Folders to the Favorites Bar
  • 03:29 – Remove a Favorites Folder
  • 03:41 – Add Bookmarks to your Favorites Toolbar
  • 04:52 – Wrap Up
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