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Safari App Tips & Lessons

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  1. Classes on Safari
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  2. General Lessons for Using Safari
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  3. Browsing and Searching with Safari on the Mac
    18 Lessons
  4. Reading and Sharing options for Safari on the Mac
    4 Lessons
  5. Using AutoFill to for Passwords and Other Information in Safari
    8 Lessons
  6. Customizing Safari on the Mac
    8 Lessons
  7. Troubleshooting Safari on the Mac
    5 Lessons
  8. Lessons for Safari on the iPad
    34 Lessons
  9. Lessons for Safari on the iPhone
    29 Lessons
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Learn about tabs and favicons in Safari and how Safari now shows them by default in the tab bar.

Safari on the iPad has always been able to support showing a website’s favicon in a tab, but in past versions of iPadOS, you had to turn this feature on. Now with iPadOS 14, Apple has turned this feature on by default. If you are not familiar with using tabs in Safari and what favicons are, I’ll help you learn more about it in this video for showing favicons in the tab bar in Safari with iPadOS 14.