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  1. Classes on Safari
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  2. General Lessons for Using Safari
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  3. Browsing and Searching with Safari on the Mac
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  4. Reading and Sharing options for Safari on the Mac
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  5. Using AutoFill to for Passwords and Other Information in Safari
    8 Lessons
  6. Customizing Safari on the Mac
    8 Lessons
  7. Troubleshooting Safari on the Mac
    5 Lessons
  8. Lessons for Safari on the iPad
    34 Lessons
  9. Lessons for Safari on the iPhone
    29 Lessons
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Learn how to troubleshoot why a webpage may be blank when opening it in Safari on the Mac.

Have you ever visited a site, and when you do, Safari opens to a blank page? Why is it doing that? One reason may be that it is opening the page in Reader View by default, and the page is no compatible with Reader View, so it shows a blank page. What you can do is exclude sites form entering Reader View automatically. See how to excludes sites from entering Reader View automatically in Safari on the Mac in this video.

Video Transcript (video also has closed captions):

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