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Learn how to get more out of the Apple Watch with watchOS 5. I cover everything from getting around the Apple Watch with gestures, to accessing and rearranging the Apps on the Apple Watch and viewing them as a list, to looking at various apps and how to use them including weather, mail, messages, workouts, and more. I also show you where you can find various settings in the Watch app in the iPhone. If you are new to the Apple Watch or even an intermediate user of the Apple Watch, we can help you get more out of your Apple Watch with Tutor for watchOS 5 on the Apple Watch.

This Tutorial is originally from Noteboom Tutorials

This tutorial was originally from my other site, Noteboom Tutorials. Read more about how and why my site Noteboom Tutorials became my new site Dan’s Tutorials.

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Tutor for Apple Watch with watchOS 5
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