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Apple Watch Tips & Lessons

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  1. Getting Started with your Apple Watch
    12 Lessons
  2. Introduced in watchOS 10
    4 Lessons
  3. Apple Watch Basics
    11 Lessons
  4. Apple Watch Faces
    5 Lessons
  5. Apple Watch Apps and Settings
    12 Lessons
  6. Activity and the Apple Watch
    5 Lessons
  7. Lessons for Older Versions of Apple Watch
    1 Lesson
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Siri and the Siri Watch Face

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Did you know Siri has her own watch face on the Apple Watch? In this lesson, I look at the Siri and the Siri watch Face on the Apple Watch, including the different ways to get to Siri on the Apple Watch and how we use the Siri watch face to help keep us informed through the Apple Watch.

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