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Apple Watch Tips & Lessons

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  1. Getting Started with your Apple Watch
    12 Lessons
  2. Introduced in watchOS 10
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  3. Apple Watch Basics
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  4. Apple Watch Faces
    5 Lessons
  5. Apple Watch Apps and Settings
    12 Lessons
  6. Activity and the Apple Watch
    5 Lessons
  7. Lessons for Older Versions of Apple Watch
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Force Quit an App on the Apple Watch

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Learn how to quit and force quit an app on the Apple watch, as well as how to shutdown and force shutdown your Apple Watch.

Did you know you could quit apps on the Apple Watch? Not only can you quit them, but you can also force quit them, which can help if you are having an issue with a specific app on the Apple Watch. See how to quit and force quit apps, along with shutting down the Apple Watch in this video for the Apple Watch.

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