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  1. Getting Started with your Apple Watch
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  2. Introduced in watchOS 10
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  3. Apple Watch Basics
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  4. Apple Watch Faces
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  5. Apple Watch Apps and Settings
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  6. Activity and the Apple Watch
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  7. Lessons for Older Versions of Apple Watch
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Always On Settings for your Apple Watch Display

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Learn how to set if you want your Apple Watch display always on, and if you do, which complications, apps, and notifications will display when the Apple Watch is turned away or facing down.

By default, the newer Apple Watches are always on. This is a great feature in that you can always glance at your Apple Watch to see the time or view a complication even if the Apple Watch is turned away from you. But this also means that other people can see your complications or notifications when you turn your wrist away from you. What you can do is set if you want your Apple Watch to be always on, and if so, which complications, notifications, and apps are shown. See how to set the different options for Always On in this video for the Apple Watch.

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