iPhone: See what has changed in apps that have been automatically updated

Have you turned on automatic App Updates in the App Store on your iPhone? If so, you might wonder how you’d know if an app has been updated or what has changed. Maybe the develepor added a new feature or moved a feature. They will usually put this information in the release notes. To find that information, open the App Store app and tap your avatar icon in the upper-right corner. Scroll down and you’ll see an Updated Recently list. If you pull down on the screen, that will force it to refresh, and you may see a list called Upcoming Automatic Updates at the top. For any downloaded update, you can tap Open to open it. If it hasn’t yet been downloaded, you can tap Update to update it right away rather than waiting for the automatic update. Tap More to see the full release notes. Finally, here’s a hidden tip: swipe left on any app to delete it.

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