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Helping people learn more about their Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, and Apple TVs through online video tutorials, webinars, and online classes. 

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Over 1,800 Video Lessons

I have over 1,800 Lessons for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. These lessons are in a video format where I show you how something works. They are designed to be easy-to-follow and range from a short 3 minutes to some being over 10. Most are around 5 minutes. I add more videos on a regular basis. These videos are based off tips I find around the web to members submissions asking me how something works.

Online Classes

I host online classes on a regular basis. These classes are held through Zoom and cover a wide range of subjects. Past classes have covered Keynote, Pages, Spark Mail, organizing your photos, and using Apple Tech when Traveling. Future classes will cover what is new with future versions of macOS, iOS, and iPadOS, as well as major software updates. Members can also watch any past classes I’ve held.

Online AMA Webinars

I also host online webinars on a regular basis. These webinars are similar to my classes as they are also held through Zoom. They differ in content are in a format called Ask Me Anything (AMA). This is where I get to put my Genius hat on. When you register, you can submit a question for me to answer during the webinar. These webinars are a little more free form and loose. More of a community for my members. Members can also watch any past webinars I’ve held.


I have happy members from around the world. Of course the majority of my members are from the United States, as that is where I am from, but I also have members from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, and Switzerland, India, and more. 

Supporting Small Business

Not only do you get all the great features I’ve mentioned, but by becoming a member, you are helping support a small business owned by my wife and I. It is run out of our house where I use our spare bedroom as my office and studio. I create the tutorials, host the classes and meetings, I design and update the website, I create the eBooks – all on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Every membership helps, and by becoming a member, you can be assured you are helping a small business!

Dan's Tutorials

Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials for the Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV

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New And Updated Lessons

Here are my latest tips and lessons I've added and updated.

Dan Wassink

My Favorite New Features in iPadOS 16 on the iPad

Now that it has been a couple months since Apple introduced iOS 16, I thought it’d be great to revisit this update and show you some of my favorite features, as well as features I think you may find helpful.

How to Erase your Apple Watch
Dan Wassink

How to Erase your Apple Watch

Learn how to connect and disconnect your Apple Watch from networks, as well as select networks to connect to and enter passwords.

My 3 Favorite New Features in Reminders with iPadOS 16
Dan Wassink

My 4 Favorite New Features in Reminders with iPadOS 16

Learn my favorite new features in Reminders, including how to view your Reminders grouped by day or time, pin your lists, create templates for lists, and the new Smart Folder options with iPadOS 16 and the Reminders app on your iPad.

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