Tim Cook Says Apple Will Use TSMC Chips Fabbed in Arizona

Kif Leswing, reporting for CNBC:

“And now, thanks to the hard work of so many people, these chips
can be proudly stamped Made in America,” Cook said. “This is an
incredibly significant moment.”

The chip factories will be owned and operated by Taiwan
Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the biggest foundry company
with over half of the global market share. TSMC produces the most
advanced processors, including the chips in the latest iPhones,
iPads and Macs.

The plants will be capable of manufacturing the 4-nanometer and
3-nanometer chips that are used for advanced processors such as
Apple’s A-series and M-series and Nvidia’s graphics processors.

Hard to overstate how important it will be if TSMC starts turning out world-class chips from Arizona. For Apple, yes, but more so for the world, overall, to get leading-edge fabrication out from under the thumb of China.

Tim Cook, on Twitter:

Apple silicon unlocks a new level of performance for our users.
And soon, many of these chips can be stamped “Made in America.”
The opening of TSMC’s plant in Arizona marks a new era of advanced
manufacturing in the U.S. — and we are proud to become the site’s
largest customer.

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