This stunning foldable iPhone concept is the best you’ve ever seen

What you need to know

  • A new concept imagines an iPhone Air foldable device.
  • The new concept shows a gorgeous foldable iPhone powered by an Apple M1 chip.
  • This foldable concept includes a portless design.

Who could say no to Apple if it announced something that looked like this?

Apple has long been rumored to have plans to launch a foldable iPhone and it’ll have a winner if it’s anything like this new iPhone Air concept.

Created by ADR Studio and posted to YouTube, this concept shows the kind of foldable iPhone that would surely be hard to refuse even for the most anti-foldable iPhone user. The concept calls for a portless design and features Apple silicon in the form of the M1 chip.

Really, words are never going to do this thing justice. Just watch the video and prepare to be wowed.

Some leaks report that Apple is still testing foldable devices, but it thinks the technology is not entirely ready for its quality standards. So, let’s imagine the first Apple foldable device, full of power, light, and with an amazing screen.

While the idea of putting an M1 chip inside an iPhone does raise the concern of heat dissipation there is no denying that it would make this thing one powerful iPhone. Not that the current iPhone 13 is a slow device, of course. But there’s always room for more performance!

While nobody seems to know when we will actually see a foldable iPhone, the smart money seems to be on a wait of another year or two before we will see a bendy phone with an Apple logo on it. It’s surely only a matter of time before we do see a foldable iPhone and I know I’ll be all over it if it’s even remotely as cool as this iPhone Air concept.

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