Stop Apple Watch Timer Alerts with a Press of the Digital Crown

My wife and I have been cooking a lot more than we used to. For those who have been doing the same or like to cook, the Apple Watch provides a helpful Timer app that ensures we don’t forget whatever’s in the oven until it’s burnt to a crisp. Setting the timer is easy from the app’s interface, but even easier is using Siri: hold the Digital Crown and say, “Set a timer for 8 minutes.” If you can get the timing right, you can also lift your wrist and have Siri set a timer. This is great for when you are wearing an oven mitt, and you can’t push the digital crown to get to Siri. But what about when the timer goes off? You have the mitt on. You can’t tap your Apple Watch to dismiss it. There’s a no-look alternative you may not have known about—press the Digital Crown once (if the display is active) or twice (if the display is dimmed) to stop the timer. This is a new trick that I am learning to use. I hope you find it helpful too!

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