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My Help page has been updated with more Frequently Asked Questions

When I first created the site, I, of course, added a help page. Not knowing where the site was going and what features I would be offering, I included just a few questions and answers. I believe it was about a half a dozen.

Well now that the site up and running, I spent some time updating the Help page. I’ve categorized the questions by subject and added a lot more questions and answers, it’s now close to 30. These range from what you can do when you can’t log in, to updating your credit card, to changing plans, to gifting a membership, to what happens if you are a member of my sister site Noteboom Tutorials. I also have a form to where you can contact me if your question isn’t answered.

Take a look. If you have a question, maybe I have an answer for you. If not, you know how to reach me.

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