MarsEdit 5 brings microposting, Markdown highlighting

If you’ve been blogging on the Mac for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with Red Sweater Software’s excellent MarsEdit blogging software.

MarsEdit microposting
The new microposting feature lets you write blog posts as easily as social media.

Version 5.0 of the app debuts today, following a public beta, and brings a number of much anticipated features, including a microposting interface accessible via a global keyboard shortcut that makes it easy to quickly dash off a blog post—though I do wish it had an “Advanced” mode for specifying some additional metadata for a post. There’s also a revamped rich text editor that provides better performance, a schmancy new icon, and—at long last—syntax highlighting for text written in Markdown.

In addition, developer Daniel Jalkut has made tweaks an enhancements throughout, adding a bunch of improvements that bring the app into line with the latest versions of macOS. It remains the best-in-class Mac blogging app that it’s been for more than fifteen years.

MarsEdit 5 runs $59.95 for a new license, though owners of MarsEdit 4 can upgrade for just $29.95. Family packs are also available for up to five people in a household.1

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, developer Daniel Jalkut is a friend and provided a license for MarsEdit 5 for evaluation. 

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