Mario Day: First US Super Nintendo World opens in 2023

This will be the very first Super Nintendo World in the US.

What you need to know

  • Today is Mario Day, or March 10, a day when Mario is celebrated.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood announced that the first-ever US Super Nintendo World will open in 2023.
  • In addition to new rides, there will be plenty of Nintendo-related merchandise.

Today is March 10, known among Nintendo and gaming fans as Mario Day. Traditionally, this is the day that people can find sales on Mario merchandise and Mario games, but it’s also when Mario-related announcements are made. As part of this, Universal Studios Hollywood revealed that the Super Nintendo World section of its theme park will finally be opening in 2023 after encountering several delays due to the pandemic.

Much like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which features magically-themed shops, rides, and food at Universal Studios Hollywood, Super Nintendo World will be a section of the park themed after Nintendo games and characters. Construction for the Hollywood attraction has been underway for a few years now with the initial announcement for this area having been announced in 2016. As shown in the official image released by Universal Studios Hollywood, we can expect there to be plenty of merchandise made for Mario, Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Bowser, and other Nintendo characters.

We do not yet know exactly what kind of Nintendo-related attractions will appear at Universal Studios Hollywood. However, a Super Nintendo World has already been open in Japan for a couple of years now. Taking a look at what’s offered there might give us insights as to what kind of things could show up in the Hollywood area.

Additional Super Nintendo World parks have also been planned for Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Singapore with both locations currently planning to open sometime in 2025.

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